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Bali Hotel Sustainable Suppliers Guide

Are you a business owner in Bali looking to make your establishment more sustainable? In a world increasingly conscious of environmental issues, finding the right suppliers and contractors who share your commitment to sustainability can be a game-changer. Fortunately, Bali is home to a thriving community of businesses dedicated to eco-friendly practices. In this guide, we'll introduce you to a selection of Bali's sustainable suppliers who can help you build and run a more eco-conscious hotel or business.


Eco Mantra
Eco Mantra is an environmental engineering consultancy based in Bali, Indonesia. Their mission is to work with visionary leaders and developers to create eco-friendly destinations and experiences by integrating sustainable design principles into the development of one-of-a-kind properties. Eco Mantra offers a wide range of services, from sustainability education to implementing the best sustainable practices and tools for your business.

Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios
Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios is a collective of architects, designers, and engineers specialized in creating dynamic and holistic solutions for building developments. They work closely with various consultants, supplying the latest sustainable technologies from bioseptic systems to advanced water filtration and renewable energy supply. Their expertise covers structural design, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) design, and interior design.

Pablo Luna
Pablo Luna Studio focuses on architecture with bamboo and other organic materials, combining traditional techniques with innovative structural concepts. Their studio, located in Bali, Indonesia, is involved in designing, developing, and constructing sustainable architecture using natural and recycled materials. Their goal is to positively impact the quality of life while challenging the boundaries of organic architecture and sustainability.

Stilt Studio
Stilt Studios' mission is to build innovative structures that improve the inhabitants' experience while minimizing their impact on the environment. This prefab building manufacturing company, founded in Bali in 2019, places a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Their products are designed with a negative CO2 balance for the materials used, ensuring high energy efficiency and minimal ground disturbance.
Stilt Studio Treehouse

Recycled Building Materials, Furniture, and Amenities

ëCollabo8 was created to reduce plastic waste through recycling and upcycling plastic waste. They offer a range of products, from small molded production items to unique art pieces and furniture, all innovatively produced in an environmentally-responsible manner. ëCollabo8 believes that real change can be achieved through educating the youth and empowering communities.

Della Santa Studios
Della Santa Studios started as a family's dream of filling their home with beautiful tropical plants. They began creating bright, modern concrete pots using Eco-crete, a material made from recycled plastic bottles collected from Bali's rivers, beaches, and landfills. Eco-crete is lighter than regular concrete but just as sturdy and refined, making it an eco-conscious choice for your hotel's decor.

EcoCrete offers sustainable building solutions in Indonesia in innovating geopolymer concrete. Their vision is to set a green building standard for projects across Indonesia and beyond. They create sustainable concrete by using leftover byproducts from coal combustion, reducing the need of cement and eliminating sand and mined aggregates used in conventional concrete. This innovative approach not only benefits the environment but also enhances your project's sustainability.

Aora Designs
Aora Designs, a newcomer in interior textiles, champions sustainability, functionality, and beauty. Their mission selects firms producing end-to-end sustainable fabrics, aiming for a durable, high-performing collection. They craft these sustainable textiles solely from recycled plastic bottles, fighting plastic pollution.
Custom made indoor and outdoor furniture by ëCollabo8


" Hand Made Food Looks Better in Hand Made Plates" - Gaya Ceramic and Design
Gaya Ceramic And Design
Gaya creates 100% hand-made ceramics of the highest quality, combining craftsmanship with accurate production control. They offer a range of tailored, handmade, luxurious home and hospitality accessories, from table sets to decorative pieces and lighting. Gaya's commitment to quality extends to ethical production practices and environmentally-friendly materials.

Kevala has been making ceramics in Bali for 25 years, prioritizing handcrafted pieces over factory-produced items. Their individually crafted and unique products are built to last a lifetime and are produced from clay formulated from quality materials sourced globally. Kevala is dedicated to sustainability and has recycling and waste reduction policies in place.

Cleaning and Shampoo

Bresih offers plant-based, safe, and natural cleaning liquids made in Bali. They harness the power of betel plants and Soap Nut to create cleaning products that are gentle on the environment while effectively removing bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. Bresih is committed to keeping Bali's environment clean and healthy.

Sensatia Botanicals
Sensatia Botanicals, founded in Bali in 2000, creates clean and simple skincare products using high-quality, cruelty-free, and natural ingredients. They are committed to sustainable practices, including beach and temple clean-up programs and the use of biodegradable shopping bags. Sensatia Botanicals supports the local community and the environment through donations and recycling initiatives.

Republic of Soap
Republic of Soap, founded in 2003, manufactures natural, cold-process hard bar soap and a wide range of other products. They are one of the very few Class A Cosmetics Manufacturing Facilities in Bali approved by the Indonesian BPOM. Republic of Soap offers flexibility in creating custom product ranges and manufactures in small, fresh batches daily.
1&4. Republic of Soap / 2. Bresih / 3. Sensatia Botanicals

Linen and Bedding

Heveya is your source for fully certified organic latex mattresses and sustainable bedding. Their commitment to ethics, quality, and environmental wellness is evident in their ethically-produced products, uncompromising quality standards, and environmentally-friendly practices.

The Katha
The Katha specializes in organic linen and bedding, providing you with sustainable options for your hotel. They prioritize sustainable practices in the production of their textiles, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to create longer-lasting and durable collections.
The Katha linen pillow case

Food and beverage

Plaga Farm
Plaga Farm has evolved into Bali's leading hydroponic and organic greenhouse grower. They deliver fresh produce with a focus on promoting a healthier lifestyle through organic and hydroponic farming methods. Plaga Farm emphasizes sustainability, waste management, and community development.

Temuku Pupuan
Temuku Pupuan is an organic farm dedicated to producing healthy produce in one of Bali's least touched areas. They are committed to sustainable and regenerative farming practices, ensuring the highest quality of organic produce without synthetic additives or chemical preservatives.

Island Organics Bali
Island Organics Bali has been growing pesticide-free produce in Bali since 2002. They offer more than 200 varieties of herbs and vegetables, supplying hotels, resorts, restaurants, and home delivery. The farm produce more exotic vegetables to support Bali culinary industry, they commit to introduce new vegetables through times. Whether make their own hybrid or reintroduce old forgotten crops. Their commitment to sustainability includes planting by request to direct end user to reduce carbon footprint and supporting local farmers as plasma partners.

Singapure provides sustainably sourced, ultra-purified water using Singapore-designed technology. They offer safe, clean, and affordable water solutions for homes and businesses, minimizing environmental impact.

Milk Up!
Milk Up! produces high-quality, natural dairy products in Bali. Their commitment to using fresh and natural primary products from trusted suppliers and farmers results in products with excellent taste and no additives. Milk Up! is a small family-run business dedicated to keeping the quality of their products high at all times.
  1. Plaga Farm / 2. Temuku Pupuan
By collaborating with eco-conscious suppliers and contractors in Bali, you not only contribute to a greener environment but also craft a distinctive and environmentally-friendly atmosphere for your hotel guests. What's more, Pacifico Business Solutions, equipped with an extensive database of sustainable and responsible operators in Bali, can offer you a comprehensive procurement service.

Our services include sourcing, where we meticulously select suppliers and contractors that align with your sustainability goals. We handle contract negotiation, ensuring that the terms and conditions favor your business. We also manage payment terms efficiently to optimize your financial resources. Additionally, we pay close attention to end-of-life management, making sure that the products and materials used in your hotel's operations are handled in an environmentally responsible manner. With our expertise, we can aid you in pinpointing the perfect suppliers and contractors customized to your specific needs. This ensures that your business sets out on a sustainable journey, providing exceptional service to your customers, managing resources efficiently, and meeting your financial goals.
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